About Gusti Restaurant Equipment

Joe Gusti at the Restaurant Equipment Store in RichmondOur History

Gusti Restaurant Equipment has been a Richmond restaurant industry institution since 1992. In fact, Joe Gusti first started working in the same building on Broad Street in 1984. Though the building has gone through many iterations -- a Cadillac dealership and C.S. Booth to name a few -- for over 25 years the 30,000 square foot has been home to Gusti Restaurant Equipment.

Joe took his inside-and-out experience in the restaurants and entertainment business to successfully buy out the business. He, and his late brother Tony, used a business model of upfront advice and well-rounded experience to help start out many restaurants, re-outfit churches, supplement hotels, and all other types of Richmond busineses over the years.

It wasn't long until Joe's two sons joined him in the family trade. Joe's oldest, John, started working full-time at Gusti Restaurant Equipment in 1999. His youngest son, Matt, joined him shortly in 2003. Together the brothers forged a path ahead that brought more new smallwares, equipment, and furniture into our building. It wasn't even until 2010 that computers were integrated into the business-- before all they relied upon catalogs and paper tickets.

Though the new school ways of business were being initiated, the old school values of customer service have never wavered. We've grown exponentially as we add more products and staff. And especially as the restaurant scene has exploded in Richmond! We're proud to serve our community and hope to continue the Gusti family business for many years to come.